Published : 22/01/2021
Air Hostesses: How to choose the right outfit?
Crews members must inspire confidence and safety for passengers. They represent the airline to the passengers, so it is important to convey an impeccable image. The role of air hostesses and [...]
Published : 22/01/2021
The 3 reasons for relying on a ‘MADE IN PORTUGAL’ manufacture
Quality above all  Why do so many companies choose to make “Made in Portugal” footwear? The quality, quite simply ! Many luxury brands have already succumbed to the quality of the Portuguese wo [...]
Published : 20/01/2021
We reveal you our manufacturing secrets!
A team of specialized stylists design our models We work with a team of stylists specialized in uniform shoes, in order to constantly innovate.Indeed, these stylists will innovate our shoes, on [...]