Air Hostesses: How to choose the right outfit?

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Crews members must inspire confidence and safety for passengers.

They represent the airline to the passengers, so it is important to convey an impeccable image. The role of air hostesses and stewards is to ensure the safety of passengers during flight, ensuring the proper functioning of aircraft and equipment in the cabin.

What is the "classic" outfit of the hostesses?

Hostesses must be elegant and stylish, with the colour code of the company represented. In addition, they are well-dressing, with a bun most often and also make-up well. They often opt for a structured look but with a lot of naturalness.

The proper outfit with this function is a skirt or pants suit, a shirt and a jacket, made to measure, by creative houses, specialized in the aerial field.

You usually have to wear classic colors and not more than 3 different colors. These colours will vary depending on the airline.

However, some companies change these dress codes and are more flexible or modern. As we know, fashion has evolved over the years and companies tend to adapt to these changes.

Now hostesses are no longer forced to wear high heels or make-up, they can opt for a more natural look.

And the shoes in all this? We recommend that you wear comfortable pumps, with a medium heel height, you will feel more comfortable! In winter, it is possible to wear boots, these models will be more suited to temperatures.

Our advice

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