Escarpins d'hotesses Nathalie alarm free Derby Uniform shoe Women Comfortable round end with heel

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One thing is certain, this derby will do wonders about your outfits! A derby that claims a stem and soft leather lining mounted with the famous LEH-6-style padded leather sole, and a soft, non-slip rubber outsole. So comfort and robustness are assured, and the style is confirmed!


Data sheet

Les Escarpins Hôtesses ®
Top material
Ultra soft leather
Material of the lining
Soft leather
Material of the insole
Cushioned leather with foot support
Heel height
2,5 cm
Type of outsole
Soft & non-slip rubber
Type of closure
With a shoelace
Type of mounting
ALARM FREE standard
Independently tested and standardized model
ISO 9001 certification
Country of manufacture
Point advice based on the "Point de Paris".
Small shoe size: We advise you to take a size above...
Maintenance advice
It is a quality leather which does not require any particular maintenance, a simple blow of sponge brillette, or cream polish...

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